Introducing Exceed Capital Partners

We are proud to introduce you to Exceed Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on the human capital sector globally. Our mission is to be the leading partner for ambitious entrepreneurs who are building transformational companies in this sector.

Why Human Capital?

We think of human capital as all of the knowledge, talent, skills, values and judgment that we possess. Investing in human capital, which includes education technology and knowledge services of all kinds, is really investing in everything that builds our capacity to innovate and create value for each other, everything that helps to create and fulfill our human potential. These are the products and services that enable people and societies to thrive.

Some Background

Close to ten years ago, while working at Goldman Sachs, I noticed many changes happening in the knowledge, education and training sectors, a space that I have long been passionate about and followed closely. Technology was beginning to penetrate the overall learning value chain in unprecedented ways, from content creation to learning modalities, and company formation in the sector was beginning to accelerate. This was happening all over the world. Many traditional businesses in the industry were being disrupted and value was migrating rapidly from one area to another, causing dislocation and uncertainty but also a lot of opportunity.

As a result, I co-founded a group at GS to focus on the education technology and knowledge services sector globally. Our strategy was to build long term relationships with the leading companies in the space, advising and financing them in their critical strategic transactions and partnering closely with them as they grew in scale and influence. Over the years, we had the good fortune of working with most of the global leaders in the sector, as well as many dynamic, high growth technology-driven businesses who created new platforms and technologies to serve students, parents, teachers, employers and schools. These companies were based in every region of the world, from Beijing to Dubai to Landover, MD, and we were proud to partner with them and play a role in their success.

Why Now?

Over the last few years, while the number and quality of companies serving the human capital sector has experienced strong growth, the global technology landscape has seen dramatic shifts. Artificial intelligence, the new apex technology of the information age, is redefining every industry and calling into question the productive capacity of human beings in the future. Even as wages for highly skilled and educated workers in our current knowledge economy rise in proportion to their knowledge and skill set, the role of human beings in the future economy is becoming an area of significant uncertainty.

Against this socioeconomic and technological background, it has become increasingly clear that solving this human capital challenge — increasing not only our knowledge and skills as a global community but our capacity for innovation and creativity — is the defining issue of our era. Just as investment in physical capital is important for companies, we believe that investing in human capital is critical for societies at large and will be the key to a collectively prosperous future.

Fortunately, we see a new generation of entrepreneurs and companies rising to meet this challenge. Over the years, my investment partner James and I have seen firsthand more and more companies creating fantastic products and services that help both individual consumers (students, teachers, parents) and institutions (employers, school districts, universities) learn, work and teach in new and better ways. We were privileged to work closely with many of the “first generation” of breakthrough businesses in our prior roles. Our mission at Exceed Capital is to partner with the best of the next generation, applying our capital, network and industry experience, to help them grow and be successful at global scale.

Our focus is on growth stage private companies, typically Series B and beyond. Some of the themes we are actively exploring include the future of work, the creation of new learning graphs and networks, and the application of machine learning to human learning. We also are actively seeking out platforms that empower institutions or individual learners in new ways, or bring technologies that can make a dramatic impact on learning outcomes.

We hope that our mission is inspiring to you, and that we get to partner with you in this journey!