Investing in the future of human capital


Our Mission

Exceed Capital’s mission is to be the leading partner for entrepreneurs who are building transformational companies that are defining the future of human capital. We invest in and help build global leaders in the education technology, knowledge services and human capital development sectors around the world.

Investing in the technologies and services that
transform how we learn, teach, work and grow

Investing in the technologies and services that transform how we learn, teach, work and grow

Human Capital

[hyü-mən kap-i-tl]

The knowledge, talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, training, judgment, and wisdom possessed individually and collectively in a population

Investment Themes

Creating the future of work

The world of work is undergoing rapid change. The half life of knowledge is shortening every day; entire industries are being remade by technology in a matter of years. With economists estimating that up to 50% of jobs today are vulnerable to displacement by automation within 20 years, traditional employment markets and career paths desperately need rethinking. How do we empower everyone to engage in meaningful work in the 21st century? How do we provide continuous reskilling and lifelong learning opportunities to drive a more agile workforce? Exceed Capital partners with entrepreneurs who are reimagining how we equip the workforce of the 21st century and companies whose platforms and technologies provide new pathways to doing so, allowing everyone to fulfill their human potential.

Transforming Global Institutions

Our schools, universities and places of work are some of our most cherished institutions, but many have been slow to adapt to digital advances and expectations from a new generation of workers. Even with tremendous brands, centuries worth of know-how and networks of support worldwide, institutions often struggle to stay relevant in a market that values flexibility and new ways of interacting with people and content. We believe that a new wave of companies are bringing innovative technologies, services and platforms to traditional institutions, transforming them to better serve their students, employees, and communities at large. Exceed Capital looks for companies that leverage data analytics and innovative technologies to strengthen institutions where we learn and work, and enable them to thrive globally.

Building the Learning Graph

The graphing of our social and professional networks through the power of the internet has had a profound impact on society, driving collaboration and knowledge sharing while uncovering new opportunities. We believe that understanding and leveraging our learning networks will have an equally transformative impact on education. Exceed Capital looks for companies who are connecting teachers, administrators, students, and parents at scale, who have a differentiated approach to mapping learning pathways and whose technologies drive tangible results and better outcomes.

Applying Machine Learning to Human Learning

Breakthroughs in deep learning technology promise to transform every industry in our economy. At Exceed, we believe that the highest and best use of artificial intelligence is not just to increase economic efficiency or deliver more relevant entertainment, but also to enhance human potential. AI has enormous potential to transform the learning process and bring content and training to the point of need in an interactive and adaptive way. When machine learning is applied to human learning, technology can go beyond being a creative destructor, and can also drive scalable personalization and better outcomes. Exceed Capital seeks to partner with innovative companies who are applying AI/ML technology to transform all learning pathways.

Empowering the Learner

While the public sector serves a critical role in education, families and individuals increasingly recognize the need to take ownership of their learning. From early childhood programs to supplemental language education to professional development that enables new career arcs or ongoing skill acquisition, the increasing availability of well-designed education products and services is driving an acceleration of global private sector spend in education. Exceed Capital seeks out companies who offer highly engaging and differentiated content and technology platforms for consumers, democratizing access to knowledge and empowering individuals and families to take their learning journeys into their own hands.